Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Zoom Lessons For JR High

Ms. Laura Zayas is a sought after expert Spanish teacher who specializes in making her Jr High and High School students conversational in Spanish in record time.

Ms. Zayas, was a Spanish high-school teacher for many years at LAUSD. She taught all levels, from Spanish I to AP Spanish. Based on her 12 year experience, she created a great High School Spanish curriculum consisting of several workbooks, hundreds of poster-size color pictures and a complete testing system to assess progress. The lessons are very visual with beautiful, original color artwork and practical exercises. The content of each lesson has been carefully developed so that students can acquire a solid grammar foundation while acquiring strong oral skills.

Ms. Zayas divides her time between Alaska and Long Beach, CA where her office is located. She teaches students primarily by Zoom. By taking a 30 minute Zoom class once a week, her students will learn in one session what traditional high-school students learn in a week. One reason why learning is maximized is because of the pre-planning, which includes initial homework even before the first class. Homework is an integral component and students are expected to study a lot during the week. But no worries because it is always super fun and practical! Students get the Spanish lessons ahead of time in pdf by email. Completed homework is sent back by the student a day before class by email or text. Another important reason for her successful teaching is that she removes the clutter of the unnecessary, outlining the essentials to her students’ learning with delightful and engaging lessons.

The class stresses oral communication using the immersion method where Spanish is used at all times. Creativity is preferred over perfection. Ms. Zayas maintains corrections to a minimum so that the students’ thought process is not interrupted. The way she corrects is by letting students finish their idea, and then gently repeating what they have said wrong, in the right way, and then have them repeat it twice. Jr High and High School students LOVE their Zoom sessions. They think it is so cool because it is possible to write and use emojis and speak freely without being overcorrected. There is never a dull moment in class because the class exercises revolve about them: their life, family, friends and hobbies. Ms. Zayas has the ability to connect with teenagers and pre-teens very well. She always customizes the instruction to adapt to students' different abilities and interests. She has the ability to instill a lifelong passion for Spanish.

In approximately 36 Zoom sessions (30 min) her students can expect to finish Spanish I. Students know that to achieve fluency in this important language, these once-a-week Spanish lessons need to be supplemented by constant review.

Since her teaching reputation is so important and because she is obsessed about stellar customer service, she is very selective who she works with.

are serious about their learning

will have a regular weekly schedule

will put the time and effort during the week to practice

will embrace mistakes as an integral part of learning process

are not afraid of a Spanish only, immersion approach

are Zoom proficient

Ms. Zayas ONLY chooses students

is homeschooled and needs to learn Spanish from scratch

is taking Spanish in Jr High or High School but feels confused and frustrated

wants to get a head start before starting Jr High or High School

If your child:

Owner and Director of Spanish-4-You

Certified Spanish teacher with vast experience at LAUSD

MA in Education of Foreign Languages from UCLA

Created a full High School curriculum for Spanish I, II and III

Laura's quick bio:
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“If your looking for the Best Spanish Tutor, look no further. Laura's the one. Laura helped my daughter improve her Spanish grade from a "D" to a "B" in 3 months which is amazing!!! Laura's 3 weekly Zoom sessions worked very well with my daughter. After initial testing of my daughter's Spanish knowledge, Laura put together focused homework assignments which gave my daughter the knowledge to better understand her high school Spanish. I highly recommend Laura at Spanish-4-You to help you learn Spanish. Thank you Laura for all your hard work with my daughter.”

Kiana Kaku • HS student • Testimonial written by Jeff Kaku


“There aren't enough stars to give for the work Laura has done with my son. He started with her with no confidence in his Spanish after taking 2 years at school. Within a few sessions he started to feel better. As the sessions continued he not only felt better but even commented how he appreciated Laura. She has been able to relate to him on his level, which he loves. He now even uses Spanish at home without being asked.”

Jameson Malig • HS student • Testimonial written by Jannet Malig


“My children, students, and I have had the opportunity to work with Laura Zayas and her company Spanish-4-You over the past four years. ·She is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about her subject matter and very dedicated to her students. She makes learning fun and her lessons and curriculum help to accelerate learning in a short amount of time. My children were speaking Spanish to one another and their classmates in a short period of time and embraced the subject as their favorite one to study. As a director of a program I appreciate Laura's enthusiasm and energy that she exudes to bring the language to life. She makes it manageable and doable for all! Her curriculum lessons are put together with great care, organization and easy to follow. The colorful design and layout invite the learner to engage and embrace the new language experience.”

Jaclyn Russell • HS student • Testimonial written by Leslie Russell


“Laura Zayas gets two enthusiastic thumbs up for her superb teaching methodology and passion for teaching! Laura's dedication to her students is off the charts and she makes learning an absolute joy. ·Spanish-4-You delivers impressive results and I'm so grateful to Laura for thinking outside of the box and giving my high school sophomore daughter a real handle on speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. I wholeheartedly and without reservation HIGHLY recommend Laura and Spanish-4-You... it's the BEST Spanish program available... no question about it!”

Morgan Powers • HS student • Testimonial written by Dalia Powers


“Samantha has taken Spanish-4-You from Mrs. Zayas and she has learned so much! Ms. Zayas is an enthusiastic instructor with a variety of creative ways to teach the kids. Samantha was ready to take Spanish 2 at the college level after taking Mrs. Zayas's courses. The curriculum is fun, colorful and engaging. Mrs. Zayas takes a personal interest in the kids and goes out of her way to make sure they are understanding the material. I would highly recommend her program. With much thanks and appreciation! “

Samantha Anderson • HS student • Testimonial written by Anna Anderson


“Amazing! Amazing! My 12-year old daughter fell in love with this Spanish-4-You class! She has learned so much during the year and has said repeatedly said ·this was her favorite class of all of her classes! I never had to ask her to do her spanish schoolwork ever! In fact, she was always asking me to email Laura and ask for more homework! BEST experience in a language class ever! I would highly recommend this class!”

Hayden Avakian • Jr HS student • Testimonial written by Kelley Avakian


“A successful student is a true reflection of their teacher. My daughter would not have thrived so well in Spanish had not Laura been so challenging & encouraging throughout her 2 years of teaching Spanish 1, in class & Spanish 2, through FaceTime/phone. I'm so thankful for all the time & wisdom that Laura has poured into Avery.”

Avery Hurley • HS student • Testimonial written by Tami Hurley


“Laura is a fantastic Spanish teacher. ·She is very enthusiastic and knows how to motivate her students. ·She has taught three of my kids for the past 3 years and they have enjoyed taking her classes. ·Because of her conversational approach to teaching they are more comfortable practicing their Spanish. ·Thank you Laura!!”

Sophia and Grace Coughlin • HS student • Testimonial written by Katharina Coughlin


“There are no words to express my gratitude. I know from experience that the first year of any language is very important and without a solid understanding you quickly fall behind and are unable to catch up again. Your Spanish-4-You program has made Spanish for my sons fun, interesting and easy to learn.”

David and Jeff Quittman • HS students • Testimonial written by Ilene Quittman


“I just wanted to say thank you for teaching Hana this year in Spanish 1. We are so grateful!·· You have been an excellent teacher and Hana really enjoyed her time in your class. Thank you for preparing her so well for Spanish 2 as well coming this fall . ·Hana is going to continue to study through the summer to really be ready for Spanish 2.” ·

Hana Strickfaden • HS student • Testimonial written by Michael Strickfaden


“My two sons (12 & 14) were struggling in Spanish before they started with Spanish-4-You. They now have become extremely confident in their speaking and writing abilities due to the lessons given to them by their teacher. I highly recommend the program without hesitation.”

Sean and Patrick Murray • Jr HS & HS students • Testimonial written by Margie Murray


“I am so pleased with how much Chloe has learned and how enthusiastic she is.· Thank you for all your work with her and the encouragement.· She LOVES that class! ”

Chloe Waters • HS student • Testimonial written by Helen Waters

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