Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
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Laura is a sought after expert Spanish teacher who specializes in making her students conversational in Spanish in record time.

She is aware that Spanish learning options, all claiming to be the best, can be a minefield of confusion and overwhelm for most people. That is why from the first moment people reach out to her, she creates a warm and effortless experience with genuine concern and care about their particular situation.

Laura divides her time between Alaska and Long Beach, CA where her office is located. She teaches students primarily by Zoom and most of them take lessons once or twice a week. Each session is 30 minutes. Hard to believe but in those 30 minutes she accomplishes more than other teachers in 2 hours. One reason why learning is maximized is because of the pre-planning, which includes initial homework even before the first class. Homework is an integral component and students are expected to study a lot during the week. Another important reason for her successful teaching is that she removes the clutter of the unnecessary, outlining the essentials with a delightful and engaging customizable curriculum that she created from scratch.

Laura has an uncanny ability to adapt or customize her teaching for each student depending on needs, personality and learning style. She moves fast while making sure that her students get a solid foundation. From day one, students are learning short phrases that they can put to use right away. As dozens of 5-star testimonials show, it is no surprise that her Spanish-only immersion method has allowed students to communicate effectively at work or for personal reasons within a few weeks.

The first step is always filling out a short but detailed questionnaire. After reading the answers carefully, Laura determines if a placement test is needed. She always offers objective, non-generic feedback regarding a plan of action to maximize students’ learning. Her decision making process is fast and accurate.

Since Laura’s teaching reputation is so important and because she is obsessed about stellar customer service, she is very selective whom she works with.

are serious about their learning

value quality over cost

are not afraid of a Spanish only, immersion approach

are Zoom proficient

Laura ONLY chooses people who:

want to learn Spanish from scratch or just improve your oral skills

have been frustrated by previous attempts at learning and gave up

took Spanish in High School many years ago and have no idea how much you remember

will embrace mistakes as an integral part of the learning process

If you:

Owner and Director of Spanish-4-You

Certified Spanish teacher with vast experience at LAUSD

MA in Education of Foreign Languages from UCLA

Created a full curriculum for all levels but her favorite, and the one

Laura's quick bio:

she uses even with her Corporate clients is the High School Program

“I am currently being tutored by Laura and from the moment I reached out to her about wanting to learn Spanish she has been nothing but accommodating! The Zoom sessions fit my busy schedule so well and she is flexible to meet my needs. I have learned so much in the past few months (more than in 3 years of High School Spanish) She speaks only in Spanish and it forces you to think. She makes learning fun and does not make you feel uncomfortable if you don’t know how to say something. I would highly recommend Spanish-4-You and especially Laura to anyone trying to learn Spanish! Love it!”

Bianca Soriano • Nurse • Kaiser Permanente Hospital • Los Angeles, CA


“Contacting Spanish-4-You has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I have been wanting to learn Spanish for a very long time but was intimidated by the prospect of learning a new language as an adult. I had previously tried lessons from another place and quit because I was overwhelmed and frustrated. My experience with Laura has been wonderful. She is a phenomenal teacher, incredibly patient and encouraging. The lessons are really well organized and build on each other. The homework is practical and reinforces what we are learning. She also incorporates 'old’ information into the new lessons which helps me remember what we have covered so far. Every time I get a new lesson I feel like a kid in Christmas Day…so excited to sit down and start working on it! I was hesitant to do the phone/Skype sessions but it has worked out to be the best way for me to learn Spanish with my very busy schedule… I have even done a lesson while waiting for a flight at the airport. If you want to learn Spanish quickly, Spanish-4-You is definitely the place to try.”

Kari Ann Pike • Professor • Cal State Long Beach • Long Beach, CA


“I will start off by saying that Laura is a miracle worker! I contacted her about two months before leaving on a trip to Cuba. I was meeting my boyfriend’s family and was hoping to at least know a few words before we went. In 8 weeks time, Laura was able to take me from virtually zero to being able to converse in basic sentences, and most importantly to have a generally understanding of what was being said! I was able to dialogue with family, even though they spoke at a rate that was much faster that I was used to. Laura is patient and encouraging and her enthusiasm for teaching is unmatched. I am grateful to her and I look forward to continuing my lessons.”

Lisa Jordan • President • Human Solutions • Buena Park, CA

“I am taking Laura’s skype/phone class and it truly has taken me to the next level! I own a business which involves speaking to parents in both formal and informal situations. Laura really makes sure to tailor my classes to my needs, especially my homework. The conversation level that I have achieved has really helped at my business and personal life. I came in to the class with about 50% fluency and can now saw I am 70-75% fluent with a familiar topic. Her easy style and sweet way of teaching makes you feel more confident when speaking. I highly recommend her services.”

Nicole Pappo • Owner • Little Voices Speech Therapy • Long Beach, CA


“I love learning Spanish with Laura! I wish I could give her more stars because she is incredible! I have had classes with others and Laura by far is the best! Laura is exceptional because she has curriculum! Her systematic approach and process for teaching is engaging, fun, and has built-ins that reinforces concepts. Laura is professional, personable, punctual and is 100% present and attentive during every session. I have so many examples as to how my classes with Laura is literally transforming my life and enabling me to strengthen my relationships with my Spanish speaking friends and clients. Laura is absolutely a fantastic teacher, she is caring and an overall great human being and I highly recommend her!”

Felicia Bright • Owner • Bright Moments For Kids • Los Angeles, CA

Denise Jones
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“I'm so happy to have found Spanish-4-You with Laura. I take her classes via Skype and it is so convenient and comfortable to be able to take the class from home. Laura is a great teacher! Each lesson builds on itself and she will tailor the lessons and speed to fit your needs. I started with very minimal vocabulary but within weeks Laura had me putting long sentences together and I was able to communicate my thoughts. She's very supportive and she seems to really enjoy teaching. I'm very pleased with the progress I've made so far and I'm excited to continue to learn and advance!”

Crystal Peña • Nurse Practitioner • UCLA HMD • Los Angeles, CA


“My daughter is learning to speak Spanish so I decided to find a class so that I could help her learn. I haven't taken Spanish since high school so I was a little nervous and wondered if I could pick up a language as an adult. Laura is the best! First off, I love how I can stay home and take the class through Skype. And then she makes learning so easy. The exercises reinforce what you learn in the current lesson as well as in previous lessons. And I love how some classes, we just talk so I can practice speaking the language. By taking the class, I find myself reading signs in Spanish instead of English. She encourages my daughter to sit in the room while I'm learning and she has started to respond to me in Spanish. I'm so glad I found Laura and Spanish-4-You!”

Julianne Lusain • Manager • AT&T • Los Angeles, CA


“I have been taking Spanish lessons with Laura over Skype since September, and I've already come a long way. For me, the set-up is ideal since I don't have a lot of tiempo libre, and I absolutely love the lessons. Granted, I'm super motivated because I've wanted to be conversational in Spanish for years. But I also think Laura's program makes it fun and keeps me engaged when I might have become frustrated or bored with something different.·Laura sends the lesson electronically that I work on throughout the week. I find if I do a little every day, I retain more than if I try to cram it all in at the last minute. Go figure. : ) I send it back electronically a day or so ahead of time, then I meet with Laura over Skype for 30 minutes one day a week.·
I've only ever spoken with Laura in Spanish. At first this was intimidating, and I felt like a big idiot. She had to speak super slowly for me to understand. Actually, she probably still speaks more slowly to me than she would to someone who speaks Spanish fluently, but she definitely speaks faster than when I started, and I am able to understand most of what she says. The big difference for me has been building confidence in responding, and Laura has helped with that a lot. At first I would just say, "Si," and not much else, but now I'm brave enough to respond, and even to initiate conversation. I don't necessarily say what I want to say *correctly*, but I'm a lot more confident in just trying to get my point across. If I were able to speak in English at all during the lesson, I don't think I would have built the confidence, so I'm grateful for that.·Finally, I love the lessons themselves. They are strategic, building on previous lessons while also coming back to concepts and skills touched on earlier. I used to worry at the end of a lesson that I didn't completely understand something we'd done, or I didn't have all the words down yet. Now I'm seeing that the concepts and the vocabulary come back in future lessons. Also, because of the way the lessons are organized, I know that when I have more time, it will be easy to find and review past concepts and vocabulary.·Although I still have trouble understanding and speaking Spanish in real-world situations that involve any slang whatsoever, I definitely speak and understand it much better than I did four months ago. Basically, I can have a conversation with someone who speaks slowly and articulately and never deviates from Standard Spanish. I love these classes and highly recommend them for anyone who's dedicated and motivated. I'm excited to see where I'll be in a year.”

Victoria Overbey • Teacher • Los Angeles, CA

“Dominique keeps practicing with me more now and she was talking to her half brother in Spanish just now. Her confidence is rising. I heard Kayla listening to Spanish song yesterday. (I was glad to hear that!) And 1 week ago she asked me who sings a song from my favorite play list (Juan Guerra -Burbujas de Amor) Both are embracing the Spanish language and little by little speaking it. You are a very talented teacher and have a great program that works! I’ll keep referring anyone that asked me how my wife and daughter learned Spanish so fast.”

Dominique Perez & her daughter Kayla • Long Beach, CA
(testimonial was written by husband, Jorge Perez)


“My wife and I have been taking Spanish lessons from Laura at Spanish-4-You for about one year. This is the best language course we have ever taken. The curriculum is well designed and lessons are very practical. Laura makes learning Spanish fun! We highly recommend Spanish-4-You and Laura. Her approach is much better than Berlitz.”

Ed & Phillis Halibozec • Los Angeles, CA


“I am so far very pleased with Spanish-4-You. My professor is Laura and we have had 2 lessons so far over the phone & Skype. She speaks only in Spanish which is great and ideal for learning quicker. She is very helpful and patient with me. I am excited to learn more and more as the weeks go on. She is very flexible with scheduling as well.”

Yesenia Mercado • Personal Trainer • Los Angeles, CA


"My family and I have been using the Spanish-4-You Skype high school lessons for over a year. All of our Spanish skills (verbal, reading, writing) have improved by leaps and bounds. I now use Spanish on a regular basis at work, where before I was lost. My daughter is attending a dual immersion Spanish / English school and the lessons have helped us navigate through the homework and communicate with the teachers who only speak Spanish on campus. The lessons have had a huge impact on our ability to communicate in Spanish.”

Yuri Swain • Paramedic • Los Angeles, CA

What makes Laura unique:


She has developed her own effective and fun curriculum which includes hundreds of lessons for multiple levels.

Expert level assessment skills

She has created a thorough placement test to determine level accurately so that students can start with the right lesson.

Immersion Program

She only speaks Spanish which is not an easy task especially with absolute beginners.

Customized Teaching

She has the ability to figure students out very quickly and adapts her teaching depending on their learning style and personal interests.

Not just a Spanish class

She has the ability to connect with all her students at a deep level and after a few sessions, the classes feel more like therapy where her students open up about their lives.

Magical Results

She covers material very fast and guarantees that all her students will advance at least one level, often two, within three months.

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“One year of Zoom lessons helped me learn rapidly despite a busy schedule. I've been taking lessons with Laura Zayas for a little over a year now and in that time I've been able to significantly advance my Spanish language skills. I manage an international tech start-up that requires frequent travel to Mexico, and so I wanted to brush up on my Spanish to be able to get around the city and speak with the locals. My work hours tended to be long and unpredictable, so the Zoom sessions with Laura were actually selling point for me - I could not have improved my Spanish any other way because physical classroom lessons were out of the question for me.

Since I wasn't practicing Spanish regularly since high school, I was VERY rusty. Rest assured, Laura is an intuitive instructor and adapted the topics to help me feel more comfortable in the first couple of sessions. During lessons, we used the Zoom chat function to help translate or conjugate words I needed to learn, so that was very useful - and I was able to go back and review her feedback afterward. I would do these lessons during my lunch break, which was super convenient.

While Zoom has been a great communication tool, it only works because there's a seasoned educator behind it. One of Laura's strengths is her ability to adapt and contextualize the lessons to my specific needs. The first couple of months I had homework prior to each lesson, which refreshed me on the basics. Later, the lessons became more conversational and we ran through some business related topics so I could learn vocabulary I was most likely to use. After 3 weeks, I stopped stumbling over my words; after 3 months, I was able to travel solo in Mexico without a lick of English; after 6 months, I was able to understand about 50% of professional Spanish speakers; and after 1 year, I read, write, and speak Spanish daily - informally and professionally.

If you are serious about learning, give few lessons a try. I am still taking lessons to keep improving my skills and so far it has been a great (and affordable) investment.”

Brenda Radtke • Manager • Savorly • Los Angeles, CA

Brenda Radtke

“Laura is amazing! She is an amazing teacher and very patient. I have been working with Laura to brush up on my Spanish for about 8 months to better communicate with patients. I knew I was poorly conjugating verbs and had forgotten tenses and not to mention my grammar was horrible. Especially since I had only learned Spanish in high school and then hadn’t used it for the next 3 years while I was away at school. Somehow I was still understood, but I wanted to perfect my ability to speak Spanish as much as I could.

Laura helped me refresh on conjugations as well as learn new tenses. She also helped expand my vocabulary SIGNIFICANTLY. My ability to converse in Spanish with the correct grammar and tenses has improved tremendously. I love the ability to do lessons via Zoom because it allows me to do the lessons from a variety of locations, including the comfort of my home.”

Nisha Jayani • Medical Doctor • Los Angeles, CA

Nisha Jayani

“Laura is awesome! She has helped me feel more confident in my Spanish and is a very kind and patient teacher. My ability to understand and speak Spanish has exploded since the start of my classes. Her lessons are so well organized, they slowly take you step by step deeper into the language without intimidation and fear of speeding through the material. The information in each chapter gives you ample opportunity to engage with the new vocabulary words in a way that is relatable and memorable. She even offered to cater the lessons to my occupation to immediately allow me to further emerge into the language in a real and relatable way. You will not regret starting your lessons with her, be ready to put in work but what you get in return is truly priceless.“

Rosemarie Gonzalez • Physical Therapist • Los Angeles, CA

Rosemarie Gonzalez



This is the most affordable method to learn Spanish with Laura.

It is ideal for people who:

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This is the highest level of Spanish teaching she offers. It goes 4 times as fast as the Standard Option and the results are truly dramatic.

It is ideal for people who:

Due to her limited teaching availability, she only takes 2 students per month in this private 1-to-1 intense coaching session. It is the most expensive option BUT is value-packed and students will get their money’s worth.

Send us an email for more information

If you are selected, she will gift you a 30 minute coaching session where she will go over the placement test with you. You can then decide if you want to invest.

Then Choose Your Preferred Learning
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