Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson

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Laura is a sought after expert Spanish teacher who specializes in making her students conversational in Spanish in record time.

She is aware that Spanish learning options, all claiming to be the best, can be a minefield of confusion and overwhelm for most people. That is why from the first moment people reach out to her, she creates a warm and effortless experience with genuine concern and care about their particular situation.

The first step is always filling out a short but detailed questionnaire. After reading the answers carefully, Laura determines if a placement test is needed. She always offers objective, non-generic feedback regarding a plan of action to maximize students’ learning. Her decision making process is fast and accurate.

Laura divides her time between Alaska and Long Beach, CA where her office is located. She teaches students primarily by Skype and most of them take lessons once or twice a week. Each session is 30 minutes. Hard to believe but in those 30 minutes she accomplishes more than other teachers in 2 hours. One reason why learning is maximized is because of the pre-planning, which includes initial homework even before the first class. Homework is an integral component and students are expected to study a lot during the week. But no worries because it is always super fun and practical. Completed homework is sent back by the student a day before class by email or text. Another important reason for her successful teaching is that she removes the clutter of the unnecessary, outlining the essentials with a delightful and engaging customizable curriculum that she created from scratch.

Laura has an uncanny ability to adapt or customize her teaching for each student depending on needs, personality and learning style. She goes very fast while making sure that her students get a solid foundation. She uses lots of colorful poster-size original illustrations to stimulate conversation always in Spanish. From day one, students are learning short phrases that they can put to use right away. As dozens of 5-star testimonials show, it is no surprise that her Spanish-only immersion method has allowed students to communicate effectively at work or for personal reasons within a few weeks. It takes approximately 24 sessions to develop comfortable speaking skills, at a basic level of course.

Since Laura’s teaching reputation is so important and because she is obsessed about stellar customer service, she is very selective whom she works with.

are serious about their learning

value quality over cost

took Spanish in High School many years ago and have no idea how much they remember

need to learn fast for work or for an upcoming trip

are not afraid of a Spanish only, immersion approach

are Skype proficient

Laura ONLY chooses people who:

want to learn Spanish from scratch or just improve your oral skills

have been frustrated by previous attempts at learning and gave up

will put the time and effort to do homework during the week

will embrace mistakes as an integral part of the learning process

If you:

Owner and Director of Spanish-4-You

Certified Spanish teacher with vast experience at LAUSD

MA in Education of Foreign Languages from UCLA

Created a full curriculum for all levels but her favorite, and the one she uses even with her

Laura's quick bio:
Then take the first step,

Corporate clients, is the High School Program