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Free Spanish Lesson
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Preliminary Lesson - Commands

Since the classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, kids will start off the program by learning the alphabet and important words such as Please • Thank You • You are welcome • I don’t understand • How do you say? • Yes/No. They will also learn practical commands such as: Come here • Stand up • Sit down • Open/Close the door• Open/Close the book • Open/Close your backpack • Please give me. Commands are practiced in every lesson so that kids can really assimilate them.

  1. Greetings
    • How to greet people in Spanish
    • How to say boy/girl • man/woman • teacher • student
    • How to understand and use Commands: Listen • Repeat • Sing • Look
  2. Colors
    • How to recognize and say the basic colors
    • How to understand and use Commands: Write • Touch
  3. School Objects
    • How to say the names of 38 school objects
    • How to differentiate between masculine and feminine nouns
    • How to say and describe objects in their backpacks and classroom
    • How to understand and use Command: Put
  4. Activities
    • How to say 37 activities
    • How to say what activities they like to do at school/home
    • How to ask friends what activities they like: Do you like…?
    • How to say what places they like to go to
  5. Days/Months/Seasons
    • How to say the days/months/seasons in Spanish
    • How to say what day it is today/tomorrow
    • How to say their favorite day/month and season

Workbook IA takes approximately 14 sessions (1 hour) to complete


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