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Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
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Learn Spanish With Our Powerful, Proven & Convenient PDF Lessons At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Our Popular Live Lessons

Spanish-4-You, the specialists in Spanish language teaching in Southern California, with a solid 5 star rating on Yelp, is now offering the same lessons that we use with our students in 4 categories: K-3rd, 4-8th, High School and Adults. The incredibly inexpensive lessons are designed with beautiful color artwork and practical fun exercises. Get the condensed experience and materials of over 15 years of successful Spanish teaching in simple to download lessons.

These lessons are perfect for:

Parents who want their child to be bilingual but can't afford a private Spanish tutor
Students who go to traditional schools and need additional help with their Spanish classes
Homeschooled students who need to take a Spanish course independently
Spanish teachers who struggle to find suitable material for their students
Adults who took Spanish years ago and would like to brush up on their skills
Professionals who need to learn Spanish for business reasons

Spanish-4-You Has Worked With Multiple International Companies Including...

Merrill Lynch - Spanish Language Client
Univision - Spanish Language Client
Kaiser - Spanish Language Client
Hilton - Spanish Language Client
Cedars Sinai - Spanish Language Client
Department Of State - Spanish Language Client
Coca Cola - Spanish Language Client
NPR - Spanish Language Client
Rand - Spanish Language Client
Toyota - Spanish Language Client
Hilary Garland - Coca-Cola - Spanish Language Client
Jim Thomson - RAND - Spanish Language Client
Mark Walker - Disney - Spanish Language Client
Paige Worden - Target - Spanish Language Client

Spanish-4-You’s language program is an incredible value and delivers fast results. I'm most impressed by the excellent materials Laura has developed and the "to your door" service. Highly recommended.”

Mark Walker, Senior Vice President, Disney, Los Angeles, CA

“For the last three years, I have been working with Spanish-4-You to improve my Spanish. I had the basics, but needed someone who would help me advance rapidly to a new level of accomplishment. The program has definitely done that.”

James Thompson, CEO (Retired), RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA

Spanish-4-You has been an asset for Coca-Cola North America. Your classes meet our business need to expand multi-cultural marketing while also offering a great personal benefit to our associates. We find Spanish-4-You to be very appropriate for corporate use. Content was also geared toward our business reality which makes learning easy to apply in our business world. We would highly recomend you and your team to other companies to enhance their competitive edge in multi-cultural communication."

Hilary Garland, Director of Category Advisory, Coca Cola, North America, Los Angeles, CA

“My husband and I decided we wanted to learn Spanish together and contacted Spanish-4-You. After just a few months, we both started to feel comfortable with basic communication in Spanish. The lessons and exercises are created perfectly to drive home exactly the skills you need to communicate effectively. Towards the end of the year we took a vacation to Costa Rica and it was an amazing feeling to be able to communicate in Spanish while we were there. If you are willing to put in a couple of hours a week, follow the lessons and complete the exercises, this program definitely works."

Paige Worden, Director of Human Resources, Target, Los Angeles, CA

Discover yourself why we have a solid 5 star rating on Yelp


Spanish-4-You Has Worked With The Following School Districts and Charter Schools

National University Academy - Spanish Language Client
Excel Academy - Spanish Language Client
Sky Mountain - Spanish Language Client
River Springs - Spanish Language Client
Long Beach Unified - Spanish Language Client
Santa Monca USD - Spanish Language Client
LAUSD - Spanish Language Client
Lesley Russell - Director - Indepndent Learning Academy - Spanish Language Client
Cara Natterson - Thomas Dye School - - Spanish Language Client
Anne Simon - Mirman School for the Gifted - Spanish Language Client
Suzanne Saunders - Heart Christian School - - Spanish Language Client

“Laura is an outstanding teacher, passionate about her subject matter and very dedicated to her students. She makes learning fun and her lessons accelerate learning. My children were speaking Spanish to one another in a short period of time and embraced the subject as their favorite one to study. Her curriculum is put together with great care and organization. The colorful design and layout invite the learner to engage and embrace the new language experience."

Lesley Russell, Director, ILA (Independent Learning Academy), Aliso Viejo, CA

Spanish-4-You is phenomenal. Laura has created a program that makes leaning a second language fun.
My kids have listened to me speak Spanish - albeit poorly - for years. I had tried everything I could think of to interest them in learning the language. They always thought of it as a chore and they were resistant to it. Then I discovered Laura’s program. Now, they look forward to their lessons and they have even started speaking Spanish around the house. I cannot recommend Spanish-4-You enough."

Cara Natterson, Parent, Thomas Dye School, Los Angeles, CA

“I highly recommend the Spanish-4-You program. My 3 children expressed interest in learning Spanish. From the first lesson, the children have been exuberant about learning the language. The kids were able to speak within weeks in complete and accurate sentences, and with pleasure and confidence.”

Anne Simon, MD, Parent, Mirman School For The Gifted, Los Angeles, CA

“My children and I have had a wonderful experience learning Spanish from Laura Zayas. She knows how to engage children according to their levels of understanding and development and always made the classes super fun for them. They looked forward to their classes each week and have gotten a great base of Spanish. The materials are very well done, allowing the children to color, do picture games, and learn vocabulary, verbs and expressions in subject categories."

Suzanne Saunders, Parent, Heart Christian School, Laguna Beach, CA

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Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Doewnload free Spanish lesson
Jim Thomson - RAND - Spanish Language Client

The Spanish-4-You program does a fantastic job in making the context of the language customize around your personal life, so as a student you are much more likely to remember the material versus sheer memorization. Within two months, I felt vast improvements. It has been the most I've been able to learn Spanish in my life by far. I've tried Rosetta Stone and other online methods. If you want to learn Spanish this is worth the investment!!!

Jessica Galvin, Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca, Los Angeles, CA

Doewnload free Spanish lesson